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Cancer Center Takes in Houston Patients Statewide Following Hurricane Harvey

Publication: KVUE-TV (Austin)

Major parts of Houston continue to see extreme flood damage, including hospitals and clinics.

That's why Texas Oncology is opening up 13 locations statewide for Harvey victims, including one in North Austin.

The center will cater to cancer patients who are in need of exams, treatments and other care services.Texas Oncology has more than 170 locations focusing on breast and urologic care.

“Having to deal with cancer on top of natural disaster is almost unbearable, so anything we can do to support them,” Dr. Sylvia Jaramillo said.

Staff at the North Austin facility have already accepted patients over the last few days, Ray Buvia is one of those.

He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and was scheduled for his first treatment in Houston last Tuesday.

"I don't think any patients can get to them and I don't think any of their staff can get to work. They had flood gates that apparently they spent a lot of money on and kept most of it from really severe flooding. Just getting there, and now they've got a back log and before they can get started---who knows when?"

Texas Oncology released this statement:

“In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we are concerned about the needs of all cancer patients impacted by this devastating storm. With the availability of some healthcare facilities disrupted in the near term, and potentially longer term relocations of coast area residents, patients may need interim treatment and care options.”

If you think you may need assistance, call 1-888-864-4226.

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