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Melanoma vaccine clinical trial looking for Central Texas participants

Publication: KVUE-TV (ABC, Austin)

AUSTIN, Texas — A melanoma vaccine clinical trial is in its third phase and looking for participants in the Austin area. 

The potential new vaccine is for people who have had high-risk stage two, stage three or stage four melanoma that has already been removed by surgery. 

The Austin research leader and medical oncologist said melanoma has a high risk of coming back.

This new treatment uses a person's removed cancer cells to create a tailored vaccine just for them to help prevent it from returning.  

"Our dream, our hope is that that you can get more and more technologies like this, that can be personalized to the patient so that it's, you know, hopefully, that limited side effects and toxicity and does an even better job at attacking the cancer," Texas Oncology medical oncologist and clinical trial investigator Dr. Jeff Yorio said. 

It treatment uses the same technology that developed the COVID-19 vaccine so fast and the hope is that if it's successful, it can go on to help develop other things. 

"Basically re-exposing your immune system to that so that they, they, that your immune system's really honed in on fighting off that, that cancer, that disease. And, and hopefully, I think that technology could have lots of applications, you know, specifically throughout cancer, certainly with other types of infections as well," Yorio said. 

This vaccine would be given in addition to other medications that are already approved to treat melanoma.  

If the trial goes well, it will be approved to be used further. 

So far, two people have signed up and the researchers are open to more. Here is more information if you are interested in taking part in the trial. 

Visit here for more. 

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