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Cancer Deaths in U.S. See Drop Across the Board

Publication: KVII-TV (ABC, Amarillo)

For years, cancer research has been ongoing across the country. Doctors said for over two decades, they have discovered major advancements in their overall study. Praveen Tumula, M.D., said the reason being is of most of the cancer mortality is contributed from for most common cancers, lung, breast, colon, and prostate. "But over the past 25 years," he said, "with improvement in the way we screen, diagnose, treat these cancers has improved." Thus resulting in a sharp decline in the cancer-related death toll.

According to Dr. Tumula, In the past 25 years, "the mortality for prostate cancer has gone down by 40%, breast cancer 52%, colon 53%, approximately in lung mostly 55%." He said we have all the new advancements to blame.

Improvements in clinical trial designs, imaging modalities, and therapy have "improved the understanding of cancer biology," according to Dr. Tumula. The advances have been in the past 10 to 15 years haven't seen a lot more advances in cancer studies. Dr. Tumula said these studies are occurring in several oncology centers, including the Amarillo location. "We've been using a lot of immunotherapy in our practice" said Dr. Tumula, "and immunotherapy does play a crucial role in a lot of the cancers and has been approved. So most of the care that you could get, close to the home because it's available. These treatments are available in Amarillo." Making treatments more accessible and affordable is something Dr. Tumula said has been a priority for people living in the Texas Panhandle. Cutting the cost of travel has been a big factor.

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