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Mineola Artist Thankful for Life After Beating Breast Cancer

Melissa Brown used her art as an outlet to escape the trials of chemotherapy

Publication: KETK-TV (NBC, Tyler)

This Thanksgiving, a Mineola resident is thankful for life and art.

Melissa Brown works at the Dragonfly Art Studio where she creates and sells stained glass.

Life was disrupted in 2017 when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In support of her sister, Melissa decided to get her first mammogram just three weeks later, and that’s when she discovered she had the disease as well.

Together, the two sisters fought back against the cancer with the support of their family and community.

While dealing with the difficult trails of chemotherapy, Melissa used her stained glass as an outlet.

Alongside her mother, who works at the shop, the two came up with new pieces to create to escape the challenges of life for moments at a time.

Melissa even tried to schedule her treatments around shop hours so she could continue to do what she loves.

Recently, Melissa and her sister were told that they are now both in remission.

Melissa’s doctors have one of her art pieces, called the Hallelujah lady, hanging in their office as a reminder to be thankful for life and the little things this holiday season.

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