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Cancer Survivorship and the Power of Relationship-Based Care, with Sydney Townsend and Dr. Kathryn Hudson

Publication: Race to Value

Sydney Townsend was diagnosed with cancer in June 2018, three months after giving birth to her first child.  As a former boxer, she realized she was in the fight of her life and never gave up.  After surviving her bout with cancer, her healing journey came full circle by joining the staff of Texas Oncology in 2021 (the practice that treated her cancer) as their Director of Virtual Care so she can provide care to others in the fight.

Joining Sydney in this episode is Dr. Kathryn Hudson, her hematologist and oncologist. Dr. Hudson is also the Director of Survivorship for the practice which allows her to extend the impact she makes as a clinician by improving supportive care models for cancer patients and survivors. When you hear from Dr. Hudson in this interview, you will immediately realize the power of the relationship she had with Sydney and how important this is in value-based oncology care.

Value-based care always starts with a deep and trusting relationship between a patient and provider.  There is no stronger of an example of this than Sydney and Dr. Hudson. Together in this very special episode they discuss “Cancer Survivorship and the Power of Relationship-Based Care.” This is an interview that conveys triumph and inspiration for those either fighting cancer or seeking to provide truly patient-centered care!

Listen to the full story.

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