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'Not Only for Older People': Colon Cancer Rates Rising Among 50 and Younger

Publication: Austin American-Statesman, Austin360

Texas Oncology physicians are stressing the importance of getting your annual colonoscopy, starting at the age of 45. Nationwide, younger people are being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, which is expected to be the fourth most common new cancer diagnosis this year and the second-leading cause of cancer deaths this year, behind lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Christopher R. Oxner, M.D., FACS, USN, surgical specialist at Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists–Austin Central, Cedar Park and South Austin shares with the Austin American-Stateman symptoms to watch out for and the importance of annual screenings. Along with Dr. Oxner, Texas Oncology patients Emily Robinson, stage III colon cancer survivor, and Bobby Alcantar, stage IV colon cancer survivor, share their colon cancer journey and strong advocacy for colonoscopies in saving their lives.

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