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Using Tumor Genomic Profiling to Guide Treatment Selection Extends Survival in Advanced Sarcoma

Publication: ASCO Daily News

The results of a new study, underscoring the value of precision medicine in advanced sarcoma, showed that patients with heavily pretreated sarcoma who received treatment in accord with their mutational profile attained better outcomes than patients who did not (Abstract 11018). Most notably, median overall survival reached 22.1 months for patients treated with agents targeting mutations identified by genomic profiling, compared with 15.5 months for patients who received treatment unguided by genomic profiling (HR 0.70, 95% CI [0.50, 0.98]; p = 0.031).

“Drug development in sarcomas remains challenging, with few effective U.S. Food and Drug Administration–approved therapies,” lead investigator Shiraj Sen, MD, PhD, of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, said. “Fortunately, recent genomic analyses have revealed many potentially actionable mutations across sarcoma subtypes. However, the actionability of these potential driver mutations remains unclear, and whether patients enrolled on genomically matched early-phase trials have improved outcomes over patients enrolled on nongenomically matched trials remains unknown.”

Read the full story at ASCO Daily News.

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