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Palliative Care

Palliative care includes the management of physical symptoms, as well as the psychological and spiritual challenges that come from living with a life-threatening disease.

Using Palliative Care

Our medical teams use the latest treatments coupled with evidence-based cancer research and technology to help you fight cancer. However, not all treatment therapies are successful for patients and palliative and hospice care may become appropriate options.

Palliative Care Options

Treatment options for palliative care consist of managing pain, nausea, breathing difficulties, and improving your overall comfort level. Your care team will work together with you to manage the physical treatments and identify resources to provide emotional and spiritual care.

While not always the case, palliative care is often administered to patients during chemotherapy treatment.

Choosing Hospice Care

If your physicians feel that hospice is appropriate for you, they will connect you to hospice care.

Hospice care is designed to maintain a quality of life and comfort level for patients nearing the end of life. A coordinated hospice team including physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy and volunteers care for patients and provides support for family members.

If your illness has been determined terminal, our advance care planning professionals will assist with a seamless transition to hospice care. Making the decision to enter hospice care can be difficult. We are available to answer questions and provide guidance on your specific situation.

We work closely with hospice organizations throughout the area. Your care team will discuss the best hospice care options for your situation with you and your family.