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My Choices, My Wishes®

The My Choices, My Wishes® advance care planning program enables you to explore and document your healthcare preferences.

Fighting cancer will likely be one of the toughest challenges you and your loved ones will ever face. Thinking about and specifying the things that are important in your life will help guide your care team toward the care you want today and in the future. Advance care planning helps you understand treatment options and provides you a voice in your care decisions. Making these important decisions now gives you the peace of mind of knowing your care team is aware of the treatment options you choose, and that your loved ones will not have to make these important decisions for you.

Texas Oncology offers advance care planning services through the My Choices, My Wishes program. This comprehensive program helps you explore and document your healthcare preferences in a supportive environment. Specially trained counselors help you define the activities, relationships, and healthcare goals that are important to you and complete advance directive documentation.

My Choices, My Wishes utilizes specially trained mid-level providers and social workers, resource materials, and healthcare information technology to store your treatment progress and preferences, define and document directives, and honor your patient wishes throughout your care program. My Choices, My Wishes uses an ongoing, systematic process that gives you the opportunity to continually update your healthcare goals, and the care you desire during your cancer treatments.

Please contact your Texas Oncology cancer center to learn more about the My Choices My Wishes program.

Download My Guide to Advance Care Planning (English)

Download My Guide to Advance Care Planning (Spanish)