Volume 08, Issue 01, Summer 2018



Our Promise to Patients

Patients come first at Texas Oncology. That has been our guiding principle since our founding. We deliver high-quality, compassionate cancer care in the communities where our patients live, with a patient-centric focus that defines our culture. This is what sets Texas Oncology apart as a leader in cancer care. 

We have many locations in diverse communities, all unified around our shared mission to provide the best patient experience possible while doing the right thing for patients and each other. That means delivering the most advanced treatment, always with a personal touch. 

In countless ways – large and small – our team members deliver on Our Promise to “do the right thing.” 

It is a profound honor to be part of an organization that daily practices what it believes. By living Our Promise, we ensure that doing what’s best for our patients is always top of mind.

Steven Paulson, M.D.
President and Chairman,
Texas Oncology