Volume 08, Issue 01, Summer 2018



What Our Promise Means to Me

Texas Oncology started out as a small group of doctors. Over the years, we’ve grown into a big company represented by many physicians across multiple geographies. No matter which Texas Oncology location a patient enters, we want the experience to be the same: marked by excellence, personalization, and compassion.

Our Promise guarantees the best possible experience for every patient. It focuses on where we inherently excel and champions that approach across all our locations.

We have found that the common thread that truly unifies our 175 sites is our focus on putting the patient first. Our teams raise the bar in caring for the patient, beyond meeting their medical needs.

To me, Our Promise is in our DNA. We truly have the patient’s best interest at heart and that impacts everything about their experience.” Vance Esler, M.D., with his nurse Jeana Faske, RN, and patient Sharon Seagler
Medical Oncologist,
Texas Oncology–Amarillo Cancer Center