Volume 7 - Issue 3 - Winter 2017



We’re Here for You 24/7

When it comes to cancer care, our team has seen it all, but we know you haven’t. That’s why we urge you to call us any time you have questions or experience new symptoms. You’ll receive personalized care from a team that’s familiar with your medical history and treatment plan. With 24/7 access, you can get the help you need and possibly avoid an emergency room or urgent care visit.

“Having this kind of round-the-clock support gave me a lot of confidence in my treatment and recovery. It’s really set my mind at ease,” said Pamela Foster, lymphoma patient, Texas Oncology–Waco.

Patients receive a wallet card to reference when they are not sure if symptoms need care after hours or between appointments. If you experience any symptoms on the card, call us first. After-hours numbers are on the card and at www.TexasOncology.com.

We’ll also follow up to ensure your recovery is on track.

We’re educating patients on what to look for and when to contact us. The goal is to ensure patients feel fully supported and mitigate costly emergency room visits.” Holly Books, BSN, RN, OCN
Director of Nurses,
Texas Oncology