Volume 7 - Issue 3 - Winter 2017



Texas Oncology Turns 30

To our patients,

It started in 1986 with a new idea about how to treat cancer. Putting patients first meant bringing high-quality care to their communities, eliminating the need to travel for treatment. Thirty years later, we have a sense of accomplishment in pioneering community-based cancer care.

No matter where you live – big city, suburb, or small town – we offer advanced treatment, new technologies, clinical trials, and a compassionate approach. We get to know our patients and their loved ones because we work and live in their communities.

More than 460 physicians and a supporting team of more than 4,000 deliver nearly half of all cancer treatment in Texas. We see about 50,000 new patients annually, more than any other cancer provider in the state.

We’ve grown significantly, but remain true to our mission: bringing hope to patients throughout Texas, with community-based care focused on the whole patient, not just tumors.

Our patients are at the heart of every decision we make. You are the true heroes and our constant inspiration. We are thankful for your trust as we fight cancer together.


Dr. Steven Paulson
President and Chairman,
Texas Oncology