Volume 7 - Issue 3 - Winter 2017



Continuing the Journey After Treatment

Fighting cancer is never easy. For some patients, completing the fight and transitioning from treatment to survivorship and a ‘new normal’ comes with challenges and uncertainty.

Texas Oncology’s survivorship programs help patients traverse life after cancer. The program’s goal is simple — empowerment.

“Everyone copes with cancer differently. The program provides a roadmap ahead because we’re still in the journey together.” Sabrina Mikan, Ph.D.
Director of Supportive Care Programs at Texas Oncology-Austin Central

After treatment ends, a care team member reviews the patient’s care plan and discusses healthy lifestyle changes and monitoring health conditions; reconnects the patient with a primary care physician; and provides community resources for cancer survivors.

“Initially, after my treatments ended, I felt great. About six months later, the anxiety and reality of it all knocked me off my feet. Texas Oncology connected me to the resources I needed after treatment.” Mandi Mobley
Breast cancer survivor,
Texas Oncology-Austin Central