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An Alternative to Chemotherapy

Publication: (Website of KMID-TV), Midland

There's a new alternative to chemotherapy for certain kinds of cancer that doctors say could one day change the way the disease is treated.

Dr. Manny Mangat spoke with Big 2 News about immunitherapy. It's a new form of treatment that involves an injection.

What follows is quite complicated, but basically the wall that a cancer cell puts up is weakened, allowing the human body to fight the disease naturally.

"This is somewhat encouraging, that you can use the bodies immune system to fight the cancer cells," said Mangat.

This new drug isn't F.D.A. approved yet but Dr. Mangat says the patients he's seen that have signed up for the trials have had favorable results.

It's by no means a miracle cure, but it is an alternative to chemotherapy.

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