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Texas Tribune Chats With Head Of Texas Center For Proton Therapy

Publication: D Healthcare Daily, Dallas

The Texas Tribune this week dialed up the head of North Texas’ forthcoming proton therapy center to discuss the facility, the history of pencil beam scanning, and his experience in the field.

Dr. Andrew K. Lee, who has been featured on this website in the past, is preparing to begin seeing patients at the Texas Center for Proton Therapy by year’s end. In proton therapy, the patient lies in a gantry while a carefully configured beam of radiation is applied directly to the tumor. That beam is created by a 220-ton machine known as a cyclotron, which passes it along a line the length of a football field on its way into the treatment room. Ideally, it exposes less healthy tissue to the harmful radiation.

Read the full story at D Healthcare Daily, Dallas.

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