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Cancer Survivor Speaks at Event

Publication: Tyler Morning Telegraph, Tyler
Tylerites heard from two inspiring women about the power of the human spirit during the 18th annual Tyler Breast Cancer Conference.

87-year-old Dr. Edith E. Eger, of San Diego, an author, speaker and psychologist, shared with the audience how to cope with the unexpected. A survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in 1944, she told the audience to always choose love and to never give up on life. She explained how it’s possible to tap into inner strength, as she survived a regime at 16 years old, which killed millions.

“I was praying every day,” Dr. Eger said. “I told myself if I survive today, tomorrow I will be free. Tomorrow became truly my friend.”

This story appeared in the Tyler Morning Telegraph. To view the remainder of this story, please click here.

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