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Commentary: Survivorship is About More Than Surviving

Publication: Austin American-Statesman, Austin

Every once in a lifetime, we are blessed to come across a fabulous physician. My “once in a lifetime” has been Dr. Debra Patt with Texas Oncology in Austin.

I appreciate her bedside manner and her attention to detail. As a patient with metastatic breast cancer, health care news is not always the best to hear. However, Dr. Patt has been patient and is able to deliver any kind of news in the most gentle manner — or at least as well as one could given the circumstances. I am most appreciative that Dr. Patt is able to provide her patients with multiple options to treat different types of cancer and is not set on any one just because of a vested interest in a specific drug company.

Thank you for being a champion for those of us fighting this battle! For those fighting the battle, don’t give up. Cancer treatment has come a long way.

Guillermina “Mina” Montes, Austin


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