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3-D Breast Cancer Technology Arrives in Amarillo

Publication: KFDA-TV (CBS), Amarillo

New technology in Amarillo aims to help women detect breast cancer earlier.

Doctors say 3-D technology will detect breast cancer 41 percent earlier than traditional 2-D mammograms.

This means fewer call backs for patients especially for women with dense breast tissue or cystic breasts who are often called back for additional screening.

The 3-D mammograms allow more images to be taken, giving the clinical breast radiologist a better view through the entire breast.

"The early stages, it's curable and the five year survival rate of a stage one breast cancer is nearly at a hundred percent verses as you increase the stage of diagnosis that survival rate drops significantly," Lova Arenivas, clinical breast radiologist, says.

Texas Oncology says the new technology is safe with low radiation exposure. A 3-D mammogram takes about the same amount of time as a 2-D one.

Once women turn 40, doctors recommend annual mammograms because they are more at risk of developing breast cancer.

This story originally appeared on KFDA-TV (CBS), Amarillo. To view this story, please click here.

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