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Sugar Land Family Honoring Father by Joining Fight Against Cancer

Publication: Fort Bend Star, Fort Bend

When Dr. Arvind Bhandari was still a medical student three decades ago, he lost his father to a stomach cancer. Back then, the type of cancer his father had was not curable. Saddened but inspired, he decided to devote his life to fight this disease.

Now a medical oncologist at Texas Oncology – Sugar Land, Dr. Bhandari would have made his father proud; not only is he honoring his father’s legacy, his own daughter-in-law, Dr. Meghana Bhandari, is also working to fight cancer. After completing her fellowship in New York and marrying Dr. Bhandari’s son, Dr. Meghana Bhandari decided to leave a fast-paced city life and academic-oriented institution in pursuit of a more family-oriented life and community-based patient care. She has been at Texas Oncology – Sugar Land ever since.

Practicing medicine in the same office has worked great for them as well as for their patients. Along with the rest of the doctors in the practice, they’re able to discuss their patients’ cases and take care of each other’s patients. For cancer patients, it’s very comforting to know doctors who live in their community are readily available for any urgent need at any time. In one incident, one of Dr. Arvind Bhandari’s patients urgently needed a narcotic prescription for pain management over the weekend that required a special prescription. During her father-in-law’s absence, Dr. Meghana Bhandari rushed to the office to write the prescription. As they both tell their patients, there will always be a Bhandari in the office at Texas Oncology – Sugar Land.

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