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Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Publication: KWKT-TV (FOX), Waco

Tonight, Stand Up to Cancer hosts their live telethon, aiming to bring in donations across the country to raise money for cancer research.

Local cancer clinics, like Texas Oncology, which has helped participate in research and clinical trials say there's a constant need for donations and clinical trial participants. Clinical trials are research studies that examine how patients respond to new medical treatment approaches, which greatly affects the way doctors prescribe treatment. So although the telethon is just a one night event, the need for support is never ending.

"This is not a one time deal. research continues. clinical studies are being opened all the time because once we learn something, now that brings up several other questions that we need to answer," said Dr. Carlos Encarnacion of the Texas Oncology Clinic.

Doctors say every single participant in a clinical study makes a difference, and every donation helps. 

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