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Cancer Research on the High Plains

Publication: KAMR-TV (NBC), Amarillo

According to local oncologist Dr. Leonardo Forero, the most common types of cancer in our area are breast, lung and colon cancer...as well as one other.

Forero says "Now, we can see a rise in skin cancer, especially Melanoma in the Panhandle because of exposure to the sun. This is one of the rising tumors we diagnose."

Breast cancer survivor Patsy Williams was diagnosed three years ago.

Williams says "You immediately kind of see your life just flash before you. You think about your loved ones and you're scared because when you hear the word cancer, you feel like 'this is it'."

Williams says everyone who battles cancer has their own individual case and the treatment that works for some...won't work for others. That's why cancer research is important. But locally, what research is being conducted?

Forero says "Right now, the most exciting and promising drugs are related to take advantage of the immune system, respond to the cancer control."

Forero says cancer is preventable and recommends one thing.

Forero says "Stop smoking is probably the most important thing to do and is the major risk factor for cancer."