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Thanks for Giving Hope to Cancer Patients

Publication: San Marcos Daily Record, San Marcos

For life’s most difficult journeys, there’s no overstating the important role that friends and loved ones play in helping one make it through. This is especially true for cancer patients.

With this in mind, as Thanksgiving approaches, we urge you to take time to recognize and thank those who are helping patients with emotional, physical and financial support.

And most of all, giving them hope.

Everything we do to encourage cancer patients strengthens them and helps them see past the immediate challenges to a future beyond treatment. A life that can be filled with memorable and joyful events, such as a daughter’s wedding, running a marathon, a grandson’s graduation, joining a community choir or seeing a nephew’s first steps.

To those who inspire our patients to be strong in their fight against cancer, we thank you for giving hope, and we invite you to share personal words of encouragement and support for cancer patients at www.facebook.com/TexasOncology.

R. Scott Lawson, M.D.
San Marcos

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