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Mother Stays Positive Battling Cancer With No Cure

Publication: PermianBasin360.com (Website of KMID-TV), Midland/Odessa

By: Marianne Elisak
MIDLAND--- Many people walk through the doors of the Texas Oncology Allison Cancer Center in Midland seeking treatment for a variety of cancers.

One of those patients being mother and grandmother, Brenda Anderson.

Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 1998 and was able to beat it.

Six-and-a-half years later, she is now battling with recurrent breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer to the liver, and doctors told her that there is no known cure for it.

Throughout her battles, she remains positive through the strenuous treatments, and credits her daughter and best friend, Melissa.

"I couldn't do it without her" says Brenda, trying to hold back tears.

Just the mention of her daughter's help throughout her battles makes Brenda very emotional.
"I hate that she's had to go through it, but she's my rock" says Brenda.

Melissa has been by her mothers side since she was 16-years-old and first found out that her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

"I remember being a kid and being absolutely petrified" says Melissa.

Now a mother herself, Melissa credits her mother for the strength she's been able to hold through the battle. "She's all about being strong so I just take my cues from her".

Melissa has been working full time in order to take care if herself an her mother throughout the years and says "I did everything I could to make sure the financial burden did not fall on her".

Even though she will now be living with cancer for the rest of her life, Brenda finds happiness in the little things and always remains positive.

 Brenda and Melissa came up with a saying a few years ago to help keep them strong. "She's living with it, not dying from it".


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