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Giving Thanks for Caregivers

Publication: NewsChannel10.com (Website of KFDA-TV), Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - November is a time many people reflect on what they are thankful for.

November is national Caregivers Month. Texas Oncology is highlighting the important and often over looked role that caregivers provide.

Half a million Texans will provide care giving support this year to elderly and ailing loved ones. Caregivers often administer medications, assist with personal hygiene, run errands and help with household tasks.

Texas Oncology physicians say that the often over looked caregiver also plays an important role in recovery.

"And most of the studies have shown that people who have the best supportive network tend to do well. Not only in cancer care, but any ailment. So, it is very important to appreciate what the caregivers do to fight the battle with cancer," Srini Reddy, M.D., Texas Oncology says.

Amarillo resident Sylvia Maldanado was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. Her husband spike had to learn how to do things Sylvia often took care of. She says she is thankful every day for the support her husband has provided her.

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