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Cancers Treated with SCT


High-dose chemotherapy and allogeneic stem cell transplantation is the best treatment for certain cancers because it improves survival and cures more patients than other treatments. High-dose chemotherapy is currently being evaluated in controlled clinical trials for the treatment of other cancers. The results achievable with high-dose chemotherapy for the treatment of specific cancers have been published and best describe the role of stem cell transplantation for the following cancers:

Additional information regarding the role of high-dose chemotherapy and allogeneic stem cell transplantation can be found under specific cancer types.

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Blood and Bone Marrow Transplants

Blood and bone marrow transplants (BMT) offers treatment options for diseases once thought incurable.

Chuck Wakefield

"Fighting cancer is a lot like climbing a mountain. It's difficult to get there, but life-changing when you do. And afterward, you keep living as a new person."