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Why Texas Oncology

Texas Oncology was founded in 1986 by a forward-thinking group of physicians who shared the courage to chart their own course. They believed there was a better way to provide cancer care. We’ve never strayed from our core mission to bring hope and a better quality of life to our patients. Every patient who entrusts their care to us is unique, and every fight, critical.

Challenging diseases require exceptional insights. Our network is not a single institution. It is the driving passion of more than 420 physicians collectively focused on treating cancer and blood disorders with leading-edge technology and innovative research no matter where your patient may live.

Clinical Trials
Our clinical trials program has played a role in more than 50 FDA-approved cancer-fighting therapies, nearly one-third of all cancer therapies approved to date.
Oncology liaisons connect you to your local Texas Oncology practice.
Care Coordination and Follow-Up Care
Our partnerships with physicians in the communities we serve are a hallmark of our practice.
Insurance Information
Texas Oncology participates in most health insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Insurance Marketplace plans.
News Releases

We are pleased to keep you informed on the latest news from our community cancer centers.