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Amarillo Blood And Marrow Transplant Program Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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ABMTP is partnered with Texas Oncology, Northwest Texas Hospital and Coffee Memorial Blood Center, and is the only program in the Texas Panhandle that offers blood and marrow transplants.

Samuel Jett is just one of more than 150 people to receive a stem cell transplant provided by the program and he says the staff of Texas Oncology made that process much easier to bear.

"The place is phenomenal for service," Jett said. "They treat you good here. They know what they're doing. It makes the recovery a whole lot better just because you're in your surrounding area, you know, you're close to home."

Dr. Seah Lim performed the transplant for Jett and said the program has expanded significantly over the past ten years.

"In 2010, our program actually received the highest honor in the stem cell transfer area when we were accredited by the foundation for cellular therapy," Dr. Lim stated.

Like many cancer survivors, Jett now lives life to fullest each day. And according to him, the fight he put up against the leukemia would not have been as strong without the support of the staff at Texas Oncology.

"When you're sitting there for six hours in a chair getting chemotherapy and you're sitting there laughing and cutting up, I mean, that's something to say about the people that are here."


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