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End of November Brings Close To Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

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AMARILLO, TEXAS -- More than 44,000 cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year.

That's why the month of November was dedicated to Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. Of those 44,000 cases, 85 percent of those are detected too late for surgery to be done. November is also the month for lung cancer awareness. Although there's no cure for those cancers, doctors say there are still lifestyle patterns that can help reduce your risk for developing cancer.

"Quitting smoking is the number one thing lifestyle change you can do to prevent a lot of cancers, not only lung," said Srini Reddy, M.D. Texas Oncology. "There are several cancers associated with smoking, both lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer."

More than 22,000 cases of lung cancer are also diagnosed in the United States every year. 



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