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A Survivor's Story

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AMARILLO -- Doctors say far too many women are skipping a crucial cancer exam, but now one group is removing the obstacles to getting a mammogram, and at least one local woman can now call herself a cancer survivor because of it. 

Linda Knox heard about the free mammograms from Texas Breast Specialists, a group of doctors that includes medical and radiation oncologists, which we first told you about Wednesday, after they came to her apartment complex. Not only do the free mammograms remove the financial barrier for many people, but the doctors will also  give patients rides to and from appointments.

On September 18, after her mammogram, doctors diagnosed Knox with breast cancer. Just *three days after that, they removed the cancer in surgery. 

"I thank all of my doctors for everything they have done for me so far," said Knox. "I know that I will be going through a long, long recovery, but it's ok. It's ok. Cause the Lord got me through this, and wouldn't it be a beautiful world without cancer?"

Knox says the mammogram didn't hurt at all. It's paid for by a special $1.6 million grant the Texas Oncology Center received in 2010. The grant is good for another two years. Any additional mammogram views, ultrasounds, or biopsies that may be necessary are also paid for by the grant.

For more information: http://www.texasoncology.com/about-txo/affiliations/texas-breast-specialists.aspx 

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