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Texas Oncology–Paris Introduces New Cancer-Fighting Technology

Precise Radiation Therapy Boosts Cancer Treatments
Patients of Texas Oncology–Paris now have access to an advanced radiation technology that is the first of its kind in Lamar County. The facility recently began treating patients with an enhanced platform for image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT). The Dynamic Targeting® IGRT system from Varian Medical Systems enables physicians to pinpoint cancerous tumors with greater precision and speed.

Dynamic Targeting IGRT incorporates a robotic On-Board Imager® kV imaging system capable of real-time tumor tracking and automated patient positioning. The system enables the delivery of concentrated radiation doses while protecting surrounding healthy tissue, which translates into faster treatments, greater patient comfort, and the potential for better outcomes. The advanced technology enables oncologists to treat a wider range of cancers, including prostate, lung, liver, spine, and brain.

The leading-edge radiotherapy technique provides physicians at Texas Oncology–Paris with unprecedented versatility and the ability to precisely customize patient treatments.

“We’re thrilled to offer our patients an improved treatment experience with this new therapy delivery system,” said Dr. Michael Kerley, radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology–Paris. “With IGRT, our cancer specialists can develop enhanced treatment plans that are precise, safe, and individually tailored to the specific needs of our patients.”

The On-Board Imager enhancement helps physicians account for body motion during treatments. The technology monitors the patient’s motion due to respiratory movement and manipulates the radiation beam as the tumor moves in and out of therapy range when the patient breathes. This technique offers greater accuracy so physicians can significantly reduce damage to neighboring healthy tissue.

Texas Oncology–Paris began treating patients with IGRT in February 2011. In addition to its radiation capabilities, Texas Oncology–Paris offers a full range of cancer care services, including medical oncology, diagnostic services, PET/CT, pharmacy services, clinical trials, and hereditary cancer risk assessment.
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