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Cancer Physicians May Open Satellite Clinic in Dalhart

By Robin Scott
Dalhart Texan, Dalhart
Texas Oncology in Amarillo has recently welcomed Dr. Srini Reddy onto its team of cancer care specialists. The specialists include oncologists, radiologists and breast imaging radiologists who work together to treat cancer patients in the tri-state area.

Dr. Reddy, who originally from India, has lived in Texas since 2001, spending one year doing research at M.D. Anderson Cancer Treatment Center in Houston and six years at a hospital in Austin.

Dr. Reddy attended medical school in Osmania Medical School in India. He attended college at Hyderabad Public School in India. He completed his internship and residency at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL, specializing in hematology and oncology. He left Texas to complete a fellowship at the University of Kansas in hematology and oncology.

The group of oncologists at Texas Oncology in Amarillo has been organized for five years. Dr. Reddy stated, “We Work together as a team and we are all trained in hematology and oncology, but each of us specializes in a particular type of cancer.”

Dr. Reddy focuses on the solid cancers, and stated, “I specialize in solid cancers such as breast cancer and colon cancer.”

Texas Oncology is in the process of exploring creating a satellite clinic in Dalhart. Dr Reddy commented, “We are still in the exploratory stage. What we would like to do is come to Dalhart twice a month initially, then once a week. Currently, we provide care for people in the Texas panhandle, New Mexico and Oklahoma.”

Because Texas Oncology is affiliated with physicians network all over Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma and is a subsidiary of U.S. Oncology, a nationwide network that provides support facilities and equipment, the center is able to provide comprehensive care for patients.

Dr. Reddy noted, “We have more than 300 oncologists in Texas alone and 1,500 all over the country.”

The center provides clinical trials and is a part of Pathways. Dr. Reddy stated, “Because cancer treatment evolves daily, Pathways means that large centers like in Dallas can look at all of the clinical trials, those ongoing and completed, and come up with a plan of treatment and make a pathway for us. Treatment isn’t the same for every cancer and, for instance, there are many sub types of breast cancer, so with Pathways we are able to tailor the treatment for a particular cancer, with particular drugs. Someone with expertise has gone through and studied and given us treatment options.”

Texas Oncology has immense resources that allow its doctors and specialists to direct the care of a patient based on his or her particular biology. The one thing that Texas Oncology does not do that a facility like M.D. Anderson does is provide surgery at the facility. Dr. Reddy noted, “We are closely associated with hospitals, but we do not have our own surgery center.”

Promoting his center is easy for Dr. Reddy because of his passion for curing patients suffering from cancer. He commented, “There is no delay when a patient walks through the doors because all of the specialists and sub-specialists are right here at our facility. We are very coordinated and are state-of-the-art.”

Texas Oncology provides many clinical trials and patients do not have to travel the distance to Houston to participate in one. Dr. Reddy noted “U.S. Oncology provides us with access to more than 50 active trials in different diseases, with 200 to 300 active at any given time.”

Dr. Reddy stated, “We do not do the Phase I trials, which are used when a new drug enters the market. We do Phase II and Phase III trials.” Dr Reddy was involved with Phase I trials while researching at M.D. Anderson and noted, “They have a great deal of manpower and personnel to do the Phase I trials.”

Dr. Reddy is married to Shanthi and the couple are parents to an eight year old boy, Vishal, a third grader, and a six year old girl, Varsha, a second grader.  Both of the Reddy children were born in Austin.

Adjusting to the Texas panhandle has been relatively easy for the Reddy family and Dr. Reddy commented, “I miss my parents and my siblings in India, but most of my friends from medical school are here.”

The family is planning to remain in the Texas panhandle for the remainder of Dr. Reddy’s career. He noted, “The panhandle is great. We’ve seen all parts of Texas, but this area is smaller yet has everything you need to raise a family.”

Dr. Reddy emphasized the goal of the team at Texas Oncology and stated, “Cancer changes lives, so my personal goal is to not only treat cancer but make the lives of the patients as comfortable as it can be, so that they may enjoy their lives more. We offer excellent health care and supportive care also, comprehensive care because we treat the whole patient.”

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