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Texas Oncology–Amarillo Blood Cancer Patients Now Have Access to Largest Blood and Marrow Donor Registry in the World

Amarillo Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Receives Special Designation That Will Result in Expanded Patient Benefits

The Amarillo Blood and Marrow Transplant Program (ABMTP) consisting of Texas OncologyAmarillo Cancer Center, Northwest Texas Hospital, and Coffee Memorial Blood Center, has been designated an official National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP) transplant center. The Amarillo program, which is the only program in the Panhandle that offers blood and marrow transplants, is now one of only 132 programs in the nation to receive the National Marrow Donor Program designation, and one of only 218 worldwide. 

The National Marrow Donor Program is a nonprofit organization committed to creating an opportunity for all patients to receive the umbilical cord blood or bone marrow transplant they need.

Blood and marrow transplantation are medical procedures used to treat diseases such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, immune deficiency disorders, and some solid tumors. Blood stem cell and bone marrow transplantation often requires the donation of healthy stem cells and bone marrow from a patient whose genetic make-up matches that of the patient as closely as possible.

As a designated transplant center, Amarillo Blood and Marrow Transplant patients will now have access to the National Marrow Donor Program’s donor registry, called the “Be The Match Registry.” The registry is made up of 9 million donors and more than 185,000 searchable cord blood units, making it the largest and most racially and ethnically diverse registry of its kind in the world.

We want residents of the Texas Panhandle to know that they don’t need to travel beyond Amarillo to gain access to a nationally-recognized transplant program that provides the same level of care and blood and marrow transplant options that are found in much larger cities,” said Dr. Seah Lim, Texas OncologyAmarillo Cancer Center hematologist and director of ABMTP. “Now, our patients have access to many more potential stem cell and bone marrow matches through the National Marrow Donor program donor registry, which allows our physicians, nurses, and staff to provide an expanded level of care.”

ABMPT was awarded this designation based on an evaluation of its processes and physician training and experience, as well as the clinical data produced from transplant patients. ABMPT also had to demonstrate compliance with the latest knowledge of the field of donor cellular therapy product transplantation.

ABMTP provides a one-stop, total-therapy approach to patients with blood cancers. Since 2001 the team from the ABMTP has provided stem cell transplant services to patients with leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and myelodysplastic syndromes. In May 2010, ABMTP was awarded official accreditation by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT). The accreditation is awarded to transplant programs that demonstrate an exceptional level of patient care and medical and laboratory practices in the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

For more information about the Amarillo Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, contact Texas OncologyAmarillo Cancer Center at 806-358-8654.

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