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Breakthrough Cancer Immunotherapy Available at Texas Oncology

PROVENGE® Currently In Use for Prostate Cancer Patients

Texas OncologyBaylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center has become one of the first sites in the country to be in-serviced and approved to provide patients with the new PROVENGE® immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer, which has been heralded as a landmark treatment in the fight against cancer. Drs. Thomas Hutson and Lance Cowey were among the first physicians in the country to administer the immunotherapy.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the use of PROVENGE® for treatment of advanced stages of prostate cancer. Within one week following the FDA approval, Texas OncologyBaylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center received the immunotherapy and began treatment protocols with eligible prostate cancer patients.

PROVENGE®, or sipuleucel-T, is a therapeutic immunotherapy that instructs the body’s immune system to recognize and attack prostate cancer cells. A patient provides a blood sample, from which white blood cells are extracted. The white blood cells are then processed and combined with a recombinant protein. The recombinant protein helps to activate the immune system and may make it possible for the immune system to recognize and attack prostate cancer cells when it is reintroduced to the patient’s body through an intravenous infusion. This process is then repeated two additional times, two weeks apart, so the patient receives a total of three doses of cells.

“We’re very excited to be the first to offer this new prostate cancer immunotherapy to our patients,” said Dr. Thomas Hutson, medical oncologist at Texas OncologyBaylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center. “This immunotherapy provides us with an alternative treatment option for patients who otherwise have had limited success with other therapies. It’s an innovative new option for treating our patients.” 

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