Vision, Mission & History

Our Vision

To be the first choice for cancer care.

Our Mission

To provide excellent, evidence-based care for each patient we serve, while advancing cancer care for tomorrow.

The Core Values of Texas Oncology

The principles that guide our practice are patient centered, and encompass three spheres:

    Patient Care –
  • To provide compassionate, individualized care for our patients.
  • To provide care that is comprehensive and coordinated close to our patients' home.
  • To attract and nurture the best physicians.
  • To recognize and support the central role of clinical research in advancing cancer care.
    Culture –
  • That engenders a collegial physician partnership.
  • That respects individuals and the collective wisdom of the group.
  • That embraces openness and fairness.
    Business– Our practice values professional management that:
  • Promotes convenient access at rural and urban sites.
  • Provides leadership in efficient care delivery and improves all aspects of cancer care.
  • Provides a financial structure to expand services to our patients.
  • Is competitive in all aspects of our business.

Our History

Texas Oncology is a statewide network of physicians and healthcare professionals exclusively dedicated to serving oncology patients.

Founded in 1986, Texas Oncology began as a vision of several medical oncologists at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. The founding physicians were motivated by their desire to deliver sophisticated cancer care to underserved communities. Under the leadership of Dr. Merrick Reese, they initiated an outreach program that, over time, expanded advanced oncology care throughout Texas and into Oklahoma.

Besides community outreach, the initial vision of the partnership included a unique cancer care delivery system. As a result, Texas Oncology developed, designed and implemented the concept of the community-based, outpatient, multidisciplinary cancer center.