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Welcome to Texas Oncology-Fort Worth 12th Ave. Our acclaimed staff of medical professionals provides patients with the most advanced, patient-friendly cancer treatment and cancer care available. Patients of Texas Oncology-Fort Worth 12th Ave. benefit from our leading-edge medical services and our participation in innovative research programs. In addition, our support services team is committed to addressing the educational, emotional, financial, and nutritional needs of our patients during their cancer treatment. We deliver all of this with a level of personalized care and convenience not typically found in large metropolitan facilities.

We provide medical oncology, gynecologic oncology, and hematology all in one location. We feature award-winning physicians who have practiced in Fort Worth for more than three decades. We offer a chemotherapy class taught weekly by oncology certified nurses to allow patients, patients’ families, and caregivers to learn about chemotherapy.

Texas Oncology-Fort Worth 12th Ave. now offers a cancer resource center in partnership with the American Cancer Society that provides a "circle of care" for cancer survivors. The resource center provides personal care services for cancer patients, including counseling and support groups, and personal care items such as wigs, bras, and prostheses. The patient cancer resource center is made possible through partnerships with two North Texas cancer care organizations.

We treat all types of cancer, from the most prevalent forms such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer to any of more than 200 forms of cancer identified by the medical community. We offer a full range of leading-edge treatment options at high levels of care and convenience. We strive to bring brighter futures to cancer patients and help improve cancer survival rates.

Texas Oncology-Fort Worth 12th Ave. has the resources to help you fight your battle with cancer. We are a proud member of Texas Oncology, the pioneer in community-based, outpatient and multidisciplinary cancer centers. Texas Oncology’s network includes leading cancer treatments such as radiation oncology, PET/CT, SRS, HDR and IMRT. 

If you are a newly-diagnosed patient, our website may provide you with important resources. Our reference area will allow you to learn about the types of cancer treatments available for many types of cancer and what chemotherapy or radiation treatment may mean for your fight against cancer. You’ll also find a glossary of cancer terms and helpful videos on what to expect during chemotherapy.

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